Friday, December 02, 2005


Win free stuff from Pepsi Cola - no purchase necessary

(or another reason why I always carry a flashlight.)

I was working in the kitchen and thought I would take a break to pour a cool frosty one. No, not a glass of Schloss Vollrads or Pilsner Urquell, but a Pepsi. You know that you are getting old, when you drink Pepsi, not for the taste; but to help you burp. The kids needed me for a second, so I just put the unopened 2 liter of carbonated burpy goodness in the kitchen sink rack for a second.

When I came back, I noticed that I might just be able to see the reflection of the "winning text" under the cap on the top of the soda. Hmmm, after contemplating about 5.7 seconds on how to do this; I figured by the aid of a flashlight, this could get easy. Before opening it up, I wondered if I was the next big winner. I’m imagining all the pictures I could take with my new digital camera, or I could pay the kid up the street $25 in DVD cash to pick up the dog poop from the backyard, or better yet a $10 Visa debit card! I just hope the Visa card does not have a FEMA logo on it.

Woo hoo! This is going to be cool.

For the longest time now, I have always carried a flashlight with me. Why? Very simple; to see into dark. There is a 100% chance of darkness each night, so chances are great that I'll need to see in the dark at least once in a while. Anyway, whatever the chances of using a flashlight are, it is a whole lot greater than winning anything from Pepsi. Side story: I remember as a kid, riding my bike to many stores and collecting their bottles caps. I just needed the 'R' to complete my spelling of: "P-E-P-S-I S-P-I-R-I-T" Man, I’m showing my age. That “R” from the original "look under the cap" instant winner game probably drove many people mad by drinking way too much soda looking for the elusive “R”. Maybe that is when the US’s obesity epidemic started? I wonder what if Miller Lite or Jim Beam would put under their caps as an instant winner prize. How about salad dressing, Havoline 10w-30, Weed B Gone or even Pepto Bismol? I’m sure there is some marketing genius, ready to generate more sales through impulse shopping by twisting our arms to buy their product through the hopes and dreams of those less fortunate. We suckers, er, I meant consumers, always want something for nothing. Anyway, back to the story....

Getting ready to turn on the light. The anticipation is killing me..... I'm dreaming of my grand prize! What will it be? A new digital camera? $25 in DVD cash? (Whatever the hell that is - I just want it!) A whole $10 Debit card! Holy Crap, this is too good to be true..... (OK, I do have to say this. You really don’t need a flashlight to see under the cap – it just makes the below pictures easier to see. You can actually see the writing under the cap in the picture to the right.) So think about it. All those folks who were tilting their iTunes giveaway Pepsi’s 25 degrees and looking up to see the couple of letters; only had to tilt them and look down to see the whole text under the cap. I wonder when the soda bottlers will start frosting or introducing new “grippier” bottles in the future to thwart this. I wonder if the promotions department of Pepsi will ever see this image and go “Doh!” There’s always one test case that escapes even the most well-thought out test plans.

OK, time to turn off the lights and turn on the flashlight. Bam!!!! What do I have here? I can see the reflection. This is amazing. Look out EBay, I'm listing whatever I have won.

Click on the picture to enlarge it a bit.

Well, it looks like I didn't win again. It might as well said, "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."

Here is a closer look. I should not have to say this, but you are looking at a mirror image of the reflection of the cap on the liquid.

Hmmm, if these are not the official rules, then I guess I'm not going to officially play. It kills me that they have to state that you shouldn’t put a bottle cap in a plain envelope, but I guess that is society for you today. I’m telling you, if you don’t watch out, de-evolution is gonna catch us. Those monkeys are starting to look like they are catching up to us.

So let’s look at this. There are 25 cameras valued at $300 being given away. That’s $7500. Then there are 700 DVD cashes (whatever it is, I still want a DVD cash) valued at $25. Add on another $17,500. Then the $10 Visa Debit card at 7,150 available, total for this prize is $71,500.

Grand total for this promotion is $96,500. Wow, I could clean house with this little trick.

I’m not responsible for what you do with this information, and is for information purposes. You know the standard try this, don’t blame it on me, but give me credit for discovering and sharing this trick with the whole world type disclaimer. Well that is what this is…..

Anyway, enjoy. Let me know if you try this with other beverages, or what did/did not work, or if you even win anything.


*UPDATE* Even the 20 oz variety is not immune to the photon throwing power of a flashlight.

BTW, this one wasn’t a winner either.


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